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Peter Busscher 1968
documentary | photojournalist | streetphotography

I started studying photography in 2008 at the university for applied photography where I was one of the first to take the new course 'applied photography en visual communication'. After this I attended a Masterclass 'available light' by photographer and photojournalist Raymond Rutting, a Masterclass 'Visual Storytelling' by documentary photographer Karijn Kakebeeke and a Masterclass 'Flash and Commissioned Portraits' by portrait photographer Merlijn Doomernik.

My photography is all about telling stories about people, their lives and how they experience it. I like working on assignments involving people where their own environment plays a central role. I want to capture the moment in where the person shows his of her true self. What motivates people are and why they do what they do, which is the recurring story in my photography, and a subject that I want do pursue for the time to come.

My work consists of documentary series and portraits, both commissioned and as projects. Since 2008 I work with great pleasure for various clients which are closely involved in our society. I also was involved from 2013 to 2020 as a volunteer with the Netherlands Red Cross, nationwide as a photographer and with the local branch (The Hague) as a image consultant.

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